Module : Plotter

    Method to plot fitted results.

Methods defined here:
plotFit( x, data=None, yfit=None, model=None, fitter=None, show=True, residuals=False )

    Plot data and fit
    x : array_like
        xdata of the problem
    data : array_like
        ydata of the problem
    yfit : array_like
        fit of the data to the model
    model : Model
        the model the data are fitted to
    fitter : BaseFitter
        the fitter being used
        if set it displays the confidence regions
    show : dict bool
        display the plot.
    residuals : dict bool
        display the residuals ina separate panel.

plotSampleList( sl, xdata, ydata, errors=None, npt=10000, residuals=False, xlabel=None, ylabel=None, title=None, figsize=[7,5], xlim=None, ylim=None, filename=None, transparent=False )

    Plot data (with errors), npt points randomly selected from the posterior
    and fit (average from posterior).
    If residuals is true, the lower panel shows the residuals with respect to the fit.

    sl : SampleList
        Samples from Posterior (fron NestedSampler)
    xdata : array_like
        ydata of the problem
    ydata : array_like
        ydata of the problem
    errors : None or array_like
        (No) errors on ydata are plotted
    npt : int
        Number of points from the posterior (10000)
    residuals : bool
        display the residuals in a separate panel.
    xlabel : None or str
        label at x-axis
    ylabel : None or str
        label at y-axis
    title : None or str
        title of the plot
    figsize : None or list -f 2 floats
        size of plot in cm
    xlim : None or list of 2 floats
        size of x-axis
    ylim : None or list of 2 floats
        size of y-axis
    filename : None or str
        write a png file with filename; otherwise show
    transparent : bool
        make the png file transparent.