Reference Manual for BayesicFitting

The reference manual for BayesicFitting contains documentation on all classes and on the methods pertaining to the clases. Almost all software of BayesicFitting is in the form of classes, Models, Fitters etc.

All classes are listed in the navigation bar on the left.

Each reference page contains a pink part where the class is documented. Thereafter is a white section where all methods and the constructor are documented.

In a Python session they are called as:

>>> from BayesicFitting import SomeClass          ## import the class
>>> sc = SomeClass( some, arguments )                ## construct an instantiation of SomeClass
>>> a = sc.someAttribute                                     ## assign an attribute of the class
>>> r = sc.someMethod( more, arguments )          ## run a method of the class

Documentation on classes, methods, arguments and attributes are found in this reference manual.